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Manufacturing Base


Kinte Industrial Park

-Red flower, green grass, beautiful corridor, quiet lake, modern science and technology industrial park with humanity and scientific and technology atmosphere.


As the scientific and technology industrial park of China National Electrical Apparatus Research Institute Co., Ltd., it is a state Double Top Grade and One Excellent Project taking up a floor space of 220 thousand . Four scientific and technological industry company station the industrial park: Guangzhou Kinte Industrial Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Kinte MaterialGuangzhou Kinte Electric Industrial Co., Ltd., and China National Electrical Apparatus Research Institute Co., Ltd. Test Equipment Subsidiary and respectively engaged in the product development, manufacturing and marketing of electrical equipment field, material field, projects of complete plants and test equipment field.

Kinte has accumulatively put into 220 million for facilities since its establishment. There are administrative area of 16,600 m², workshop of 43,400 m², ancillary facility of canteen, dormitory etc. of 15,000 m² and the overall floorage 75,000 m². Complete ancillary facility of production device, office furniture, road, power supply, water supply, water drainage, pollution discharge, wastewater treatment, ventilation, communication, wide band and cable television etc. are all provided.

    Electrical manufacturing factory center

    Electrical manufacturing center is responsible for product manufacturing of kinte industrial park, and the product mainly includes generator excitation system, rectifier power supply, battery test device and engineering production control system.

    Kinte powder and resin Factory

    The product with high precision, high level cannot be produced without the advanced production equipment. The quality and grades of material product are dependent more on equipment. Kinte powder and resin factory is currently the largest and most professional powder resin plant in Asia.


    Exposure factory----Natural environmental test station

    The company began to research the environment adaptability of industrial products from 1958, exposure field is Guangzhou natural environmental test station. This state-level atmospheric corrosion test station of the national total of 13, our company has 2, respectively located in Guangzhou and Hainan of Qionghai. 


    Waste water station----Social responsibility

    Waster water treatment system of waste water station completely by the Chinese Electric Industrial developed design and construction a total investment of 13,000,000 yuan. It is the integration of anaerobic baffled reactor (ABR), membrane biological reactor (MBR) and a variety of contact oxidation method, has the advantages of small occupied area, simple operation, easy realization of automation, can withstand the high organic load, higher processing stability and the processing efficiency advantages etc. 


    The living zone

    The development of enterprises depends on unremitting efforts of all staff, to create good working and living environment for employees is the company’s eternal pursuit----graceful and comfortable living environment, equipped with complete dormitory,facilities of sports venues,delicious rich canteens, perfect configuration of living area of Kinte Industrial zone provides powerful guarantee for the life and work of the staff and worker.

    We should put Kinte Industrial zone into a red flowers, grass green, beautiful gallery, quiet lake, modern industrial park with humanistic and scientific and technological information.