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Company Introduction

Into Guangzhou Kinte Industrial Co,. Ltd.


Company introduction 

Subordinate to China National Electric Apparatus Research Institute Co., Ltd (the former Guangzhou Electric Apparatus Research Institution), based on high and new technology outcome and talents accumulated in several decades, Guangzhou Kinte Industrial Co., Ltd. was established strictly in accordance with modern enterprise system and is a state new high-tech enterprise and Double Top Grade and One Excellent Project. Four branches of Electrical Control Company, Power Electronics Company, Battery Test Device Company, and International Business Company are the domestic leading and overseas well-known manufacturers of excitation system, high power supply unit, battery test equipment etc.

Products of our company has been widely applied in more than 20 countries all over the world and power plant electromechanical device replacement and package, aluminum profile and electronic copper/aluminum foil production line, battery production line are also in our scope of supply.

Kinte insists on combining scientific research and industrialization of research result and has undertaken a large number of state, provincial and municipal scientific brainstorm projects. Among the more than 600 awards from 1998 to 2001, more than 300 are outstanding scientific and technological achievements, including 9 State Achievement Rewards, 146 Provincial Achievement Rewards and 63 Municipal Rewards. There are more than 100 National patents, 85% conversion rate of scientific and technological achievement, 5 “Golden Bridge Award” of national technology marketing in 10 consecutive years.

The number of staff in Kinte is about 400. Located in the high and new-technology industrial park in Guangzhou Huadu District, Kinte has put into 220 million for facilities since its establishment. There are administrative area of 16.6 thousand m², workshop of 43,400㎡, ancillary facility of canteen, dormitory etc. of 15,000㎡ and the overall floorage 75,000㎡. Complete ancillary facility of production device, office furniture, road, power supply, water supply, water drainage, pollution discharge, wastewater treatment, ventilation, communication, wide band and cable television etc. are all provided.

Kinte inherits the operation principle of Innovation Oriented & Customer First, takes on the responsibility of satisfying the country, industry and enterprise, and is committed to combining the science and technology with marketing. Various talents domestic and abroad gather here to learn and create, explore and carry forward the scientific research and management internationalization.

Introduction of Subsidiary

Kinte Electronic Control Subsidiary

Kinte Electronic Control Subsidiary started the research of excitation system in 1971 as one of the earliest manufacturer who carried out the development of synchronous motor excitation system. As the largest scale professional manufacturer of excitation system, it has supplied more than 1000 power stations with more than 3000 sets of excitation system all over the world, taking up 50% percent of the domestic large and medium size hydropower excitation marketing share. With the annual production capacity of 400 sets of excitation system device/2000 cubicles, Kinte electronic company has the fullest range of excitation system devices which include all hydro-turbine generator set, pump storage unit, thermal-turbine generator set and synchronous motor unit with single capacity of 0.5~1000MW. We have a high-quality and large-scale excitation research and development, manufacturing and after-sale service team, and the product can endure all kind of severe environment test of high altitude, high humidity, high seismic intensity and high temperature etc. With the reliable quality and high cost efficient, the excitation system commands an appreciable market in more than 20 countries of Asia, Africa, Latin America and Europe etc. 

Kinte Power Electronics Subsidiary

Our company developed the first silicon controlled rectifier device for generator excitation in 1971 as one of the first units to develop and put it into use. Kinte Power Electronics Subsidiary is committed to the research and application of silicon controlled rectifier and diode rectifier power supply device for nearly 40 years and after years’ of technical accumulation and marketing test, the product has been serialized and formed a chain of products from hundreds of ampere-current to hundreds of thousands of ampere-current, covers fields of power, electronics, chemical industry, metallurgy, building materials, household appliance etc. and has provided more than 5000 rectifier devices around the world standing the most advanced expert rectifier power manufacturer with the fullest product chain and the most comprehensive technology domestically.

Kinte Battery Test Device Subsidiary

Kinte Battery Test Device Subsidiary serves battery manufacturing enterprise, new energy automobile manufacturer around the world, State quality inspection department, academy and scientific research institute. Battery test device was firstly developed and put into marketing in 1989 by our company as the earliest enterprise to develop rechargeable battery test device.

Over 20 years, the products have spread numerous domestic battery industry ranking the most influential expert battery test device manufacturer among the same industries.

Kinte Battery Test Device Subsidiary has the fullest variety kinds of products with complete range of specification and it can provide full-automatic logistics system( with energy feedback)high temperature and pressure adoptive formation equipments, tray type high precision/high stability formation/partial volume device(cylindrical battery, polymer battery, prismatic battery) open shelves high precision formation/partial volume device, high precision battery performance and lifetime test device, monomer (group) power battery performance test device and battery internal resistance tester etc. Bed of nails device HP series high precision and stability battery formation partial volume device has been widely applied to Wuxi Sony, Tianjin Lishen and won customers’ reliability and public’s praise of “For high-end, find Kinte” , creating great influence among industries.

International Business Subsidiary

Subordinate to Guangzhou Kinte Industrial Co., Ltd., International Business Company (Electrical) is committed to business areas:

−Overseas marketing and sales of excitation systems, high power supply products, battery testing devices, relay protection systems, etc. 
−Complete set supply and renovation solution service of power plant auxiliary equipment, including excitation system, SCADA / DCS, protection system, governor system, coal conveying control system, hydrogen producing device, steam turbine by-pass system and SFC, etc. 
In addition, aluminum profile production line, electronic copper/aluminum foil production line as well as turn-key project of lithium battery integrated system are also in our scope of manufacturing.