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Nepal Upper Bhote Koshi Power Plant (2×22.5MW)

Nepal Upper Bhote Koshi Power Plant (2×22.5MW)



Renovations of

       Excitation system

       Relay protection system of generator-transformer unit

       Line protection system

       Power line carrier

Nepal Upper Bhote Koshi hydropower plant is located in northeastern Nepal, 5 km away from the China-Nepal border.

KINTE has established good relationship and friendship with end-client from the very beginning as an excitation supplier. KINTE excitation system had been always operating well since commissioning in 2001. With the development of technology, end-client decided in 2001 to replace the previous sets. After the assessment and analysis on our company and products, end-client decided to use KINTE’s upgraded excitation system.

Based on our long cooperation and mutual trust, relay protection systems, power line carriers and fire fighting spares have also been replaced by KINTE.

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