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Excitation System MER7000(Excitation System For Synchronous Motor)

The main design features of EMR7000 all-digital (microprocessor-based) excitation system is that it still fully inherits the advantages of the reputed fourth-generation EXC6000 microprocessor-based excitation system on the market and achieves software-based functions, digital systems and intelligent detection.

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Technical Features:

1. Manual adjustment mode which takes the field current as the feedback quantity.

2. Constant power factor regulation.

3. Constant reactive power regulation.

4. Thyristor overvoltage monitoring function.

5. Short circuit overcurrent protection DC side.

6. The software achieves automatic/manual digital giving for the excitation regulator without contact and wearing. Change the given digital regulating speed through setting the parameters.

7. You can use the computer for MER7000 excitation regulator for debugging and monitoring.

8. To achieve full voltage,Startup command, stall detection.

9.  Achieve automatic fault detection and channel switching.

10.  Intelligent Fault display and fault recall function.

11.  Automatic inter-channel follow-up and automatic switchover function in case of any fault.

12.  Inverter automatically de-excitation during normalstopThe AC switch  will be tripped on by inversion failure and Access linear resistance.

13.  Field current instantaneous forced excitation limit and inverse time-lag over-excitation limit.

14.  Loss protection, stall protection, over-excitation protection.

15.  When using a constant current regulation mode, when the grid voltage is 80% to 110% of rated, magnetic thermal resistance does not increase more than 10% of the rated resistance value, the constant excitation current regulation deviation is less than ± 5%.

16.  When constant power factor adjustment, automatic power factor for maintaining a constant value. Lagging power factor adjustment range of 0.7 to 0.7 lead.

17.  Motor load changes from no-load to within twice the rated load range, constant reactive power regulation, the motor reactive power power change is not greater than ± 10%.

18.  Adjustment range: excitation voltage to ensure smooth output is adjustable within the range of 10% to 125% of the rated value.

19.  Control power of the rated voltage deviation range -20% ~ + 10%, the excitation system can work reliably.

20.  When the grid is 80% of rated voltage ,to ensure that strong excitation ceiling voltage multiplier is not less than 1.4.

21.  When a synchronous buck starter motor, with automatic links entire pressure control and slip rate of 0.11 to 0.09 shots voltage.

22.  Excitation system to ensure that the rotor slip rate of 0.05 to 0.03 when cast along polarity Reed, the top value of the output voltage excitation input.

23.  A parallel field winding rotor resistance value is not more than 10 times the resistor to ensure that both ends of the field winding over-voltage does not exceed the rated excitation voltage of 3.1 to 4 times.

24.  Excitation system each electrical circuit can withstand the test voltage is 10 times the rated excitation voltage, but not less than the withstand voltage test 1500V, and the insulation is not damaged.

25.  Excitation system ensure long-term operation at 1.1 times and 1.1 times the rated excitation current rated excitation voltage.







Regulators performance indicators

Force-excitation ceiling voltage and time

100MW steam turbine1.8 times of the rated voltage.

50MW turbine : 2 times of the rated voltage.

The duration of not less than 10S.

Ceiling voltage is calculated as 80% of the terminal voltage.

Voltage response time

Less than 0.1S

The accuracy of the regulator

Less than ± 0.5%

Droop Range

Not less than ± 15%

Frequency and voltage droop change

When the frequency change of 1%, the voltage variation is not greater than ± 0.25% of rated

10% phase step in the condition of no load

Voltage overshoot amount of not more than 50% of the step, the oscillation is not more than 3 times, settling time is not greater than 10S

Excitation field-flashing

Voltage overshoot is not more than 15% of rated voltage, the oscillation is not more than 3 times, the adjustment time is not greater than 10S

Rated load rejection

Voltage overshoot is not more than 15% of rated voltage, the oscillation is not more than 3 times, the adjustment time is not greater than 10S

The adjustment range

AVR:70% to 110% rated voltage

FCRl: 20% no-load excitation current to 110% therated excitation current

Given speed


Nominal response

More than 50MW turbine and steam turbine 100MW of not less than two times per second rated excitation voltage, and the rest of not less than 1 times per second rated excitation voltage

The generator static voltage droop

Not more than ± 1%


The rectifier bridge

Current coefficient

Not less than 0.85

Rectifier redundancy


The maximum instantaneous value of the output voltage of the rectifier

1.1 times the rated excitation current, shall not exceed the amplitude of the voltage-to-ground voltage of 30%.


Inversion and overvoltage protection

Deexcitation overvoltage

Shall not be less than the factory test voltage to ground voltage amplitude of 30%, shall not exceed 50%.


Chargeability of less than 60%, 20% of the capacity margin.


Power supply

Operating frequency range








Forced removal rate of excitation system

Not more than 0.2%


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