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Excitation System

Excitation System EXC9000

Intelligent detecting, intelligent display, intelligent control, information intelligent transmission and intelligent testing can be realized in various parts of the excitation system, which greatly improves its reliability and techniques. 

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Technical Features:

1. Multi-CPU mode.

2. Adopting IEEE PSS-2Aaccelerating Power System Stabilizer with standard transfer function.

3. DSP digital signal processin.

4. The CAN BUS technique.

5. Configuration Programming.

6. Intelligent Control Technology.

7. All-digital system.

8.The BUS technique is also used to control and exchange information in different parts of the excitation system.

9. Perfect friendly HMI.

10.  Various outlet interface.

11.  Comprehensive debugging software.

12.  Good electromagnetic compatibility.

13.  Completely independent microcomputer/analogue three-channel and two-module with redundancy configuration.

14.  Multi-CPU mode,SMT and no-fan configuration is adopted in the regulator.

15.  Multi-course 3-dimentioned Chinese display.

16.  Advanced and reliable core control device.

17.  High-speed AC sampling technique.

18.  Independent and intelligent detection system and perfect fault detection function.

19.  The high-frequency pulse train trigger technology, low residual fast Field flashing technology.

20.  Intelligent power cabinet.

21.  Current equalizing technology of intelligent power converter.

22.  The high-voltage pulse transformer.

23.  Powerful fans stop running ability.

24.  Unique SCR jumper.

25.  Improve communication function.

26.  Intelligent commissioning







Regulators performance indicators

Force-excitation ceiling voltage and time

100MW steam turbine1.8 times of the rated voltage.

50MW turbine : 2 times of the rated voltage.

The duration of not less than 10S.

Ceiling voltage is calculated as 80% of the terminal voltage.

Voltage response time

Less than 0.1S

The accuracy of the regulator

Less than ± 0.5%

Droop Range

Not less than ± 15%

Frequency and voltage droop change

When the frequency change of 1%, the voltage variation is not greater than ± 0.25% of rated

10% phase step in the condition of no load

Voltage overshoot amount of not more than 50% of the step, the oscillation is not more than 3 times, settling time is not greater than 10S

Excitation field-flashing

Voltage overshoot is not more than 15% of rated voltage, the oscillation is not more than 3 times, the adjustment time is not greater than 10S

Rated load rejection

Voltage overshoot is not more than 15% of rated voltage, the oscillation is not more than 3 times, the adjustment time is not greater than 10S

The adjustment range

AVR:70% to 110% rated voltage

FCRl: 20% no-load excitation current to 110% therated excitation current

Given speed


Nominal response

More than 50MW turbine and steam turbine 100MW of not less than two times per second rated excitation voltage, and the rest of not less than 1 times per second rated excitation voltage

The generator static voltage droop

Not more than ± 1%


The rectifier bridge

Current coefficient

Not less than 0.85

Rectifier redundancy


The maximum instantaneous value of the output voltage of the rectifier

1.1 times the rated excitation current, shall not exceed the amplitude of the voltage-to-ground voltage of 30%.


Inversion and overvoltage protection

Deexcitation overvoltage

Shall not be less than the factory test voltage to ground voltage amplitude of 30%, shall not exceed 50%.


Chargeability of less than 60%, 20% of the capacity margin.


Power supply

Operating frequency range








Forced removal rate of excitation system

Not more than 0.2%



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