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Battery & Cell (Equipment) Production Line

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Battery & Cell (Equipment) Production Line

Figure 8-1 is the hardware device architecture diagram of all 18/26 rechargeable cell formation and grading system. During post-processing, cells are operated/ managed and the data are collected and shared in the unit of trays, and they are automatically sorted and matched. It is an ideal system for cell post-processing. It is mainly made up of below parts:

(一)Cell Login Equipment

It reads the barcode of cells and cell trays, and matches every cell with its tray position. Cell trays are associated with working process, which is uploaded to database. All the follow-up tests are based on the barcode of trays, and are carried out on set steps and parameters.

(二)Cell Formation Equipment

The equipment has charging function. It can pre-charge cells and generate data in correspondence with the barcodes of cells. Data can be uploaded and stored into formation database.

(三)Cell Grading Equipment

The equipment has charging and discharging function. It can charge and discharge cells after formation. Charge and discharge curves、cell voltage、current、capacity、open circuit voltage and other data are recorded and generated in correspondence with the barcodes of cells. Data can be uploaded and stored into database.

(四)OCV/IR Tester has two major functions

1.Measure OCV/ACR of cells, upload and store the data into database in correspondence with the barcodes of cells.

2.Measure ACR and OCV of cells before entering warehouse.

(五)Sorting Equipment

The equipment reads the barcode of trays, retrieves cell data from database, and sorts out cells according the pre-set sorting conditions.

(六)LAN Configuration

1.Control computer;




5.Network cable;

(七)Software System:

The software is made up of six components: process management system, battery login software, production monitoring software, OCV/IR test software, battery sorting and matching software, data analysis software.