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Aluminum Profile Production Line

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Aluminum Profile Production Line

Building aluminium profile belongs to aluminium processing industry. Building aluminium profile production of China accounts for more than half in the world and is synchronized with the world level in quality, manufacturing and processing technique, production devices and technical personnel. Our company entered this industry in the 80s(when the building aluminium profile just started in China) and is very familiar with this industry, which makes us capable of integrating various domestic resources (technology, device and talent) and  undertaking building aluminium profile production turnkey project.

Building aluminium profile production mainly consists of casting, squeezing, surface treatment, mould and warehouse etc.

1.Casting workshop: main device includes smelting furnace, casting machine etc.

2.Squeezing Workshop: main devices include extruding machine, aluminium bar heating furnace, mould heating furnace, aging oven and other squeezing auxiliary device.

3.Oxidation Workshop: main devices include traveling crane, refrigerating unit, various pump valve, eliminator supply( oxidation, dye, electrophoresis) etc.

4.Painting Workshop:consists of pretreatment equipment and spraying equipment.

5.Mould Production/Maintenance Workshop: mainly various machine tool.

6.Automation stereoscopic warehouse:Pilling car,goods shelf,transfer trolley etc.